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Empower youth and make a difference at Fierce Flix!

Fierce Flix is seeking volunteers for our 2020 camp! Volunteer positions available all week or for part of a day. Work directly with campers or behind the scenes to make camp run smoothly. Volunteers from all backgrounds are encouraged to bring their skills and experiences to the camp. No filmmaking experience required.

Fierce Flix is dedicated to empowering women and gender minorities, both in and out of the film industry. We strive to be strong role models to our campers and to each other. Because of this, direct volunteer roles at camp and camp leadership are reserved for individuals who identify as women or gender minorities.

We welcome volunteers of all gender identities to be involved in non-direct roles, both at camp and year round! Fierce Flix is proud to be an LGBTQIA inclusive and affirming organization, and are committed to providing a safe space for everyone involved.

Fierce Flix is currently seeking volunteers to help fundraise and plan the 2020 Fierce Flix Camp!

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If you have any questions, email us at!

Volunteer Positions:

Direct At-Camp Roles

These positions are reserved for people who identify as women or gender minorities. All direct at-camp volunteers will be required to submit to a criminal background check and attend a mandatory volunteer orientation.


Producers are the heart of Fierce Flix. In this position, you will facilitate cooperation among a small group of campers in creating a music video. Producers will help campers work together, name their team, develop their video, and may help out with technical instruction if needed. Because this position is critical to the success of the campers, you must be available all day for the full week of camp. Filmmaking experience is a huge bonus, but not required. Most importantly, you must love working with kids and helping to empower them through creativity. The Producer must be able to facilitate the creative process among the team members and supply endless encouragement throughout the entire week of camp.


Filmmaking instructors are needed to teach campers how to make a film! You will need to be able to assist and encourage students of all ages and experience levels – some campers have been making videos for years, and some have never used a camera before. Filmmaking instruction takes place in two sessions, a morning session from 9:30-11:00 and an afternoon session from 2:00-3:30. Filmmaking instructors may attend either a morning or afternoon session (or both) and may do one or many sessions throughout the week of camp. Each day, campers will learn different aspects of production, so no two days will be the same. We are interested in instructors for all sorts of topics, including storyboarding, composition, camera operation, lighting, directing, editing, camera stabilization, animation, motion graphics, and more!


Workshop instructors will teach skill-specific workshops to campers. Workshops are curated by the Fierce Flix board of directors. Instructors must be available for both morning (11am-12pm) and afternoon (1pm-2pm) sessions during the day of their workshop.


Members of the posi-patrol team work together to ensure that all camp interactions remain positive! This will include mediating and mentoring camper interactions, settling disputes, and fostering encouragement among all participants at camp! Counseling and mediating experience is preferred, but not required. For this position, you must be able to attend at least one 4 hour shift at camp, either 8:30-12:30 or 12:30-4:30.


Fierce Flix supplies campers and volunteers with lunch and snacks all week long. This requires a lot of food preparation, set-up, and clean-up. Furthermore, craft services volunteers will need to keep track of campers’ dietary restrictions to ensure that everyone stays healthy and ready to make films! In addition to handling lunch and snacks, craft services will be asked to assist with set-up, clean-up, and management of arts and crafts supplies. We ask that the craft services volunteers attend at least one 4-hour shift at camp, but they will be most needed from 11:30-12:30 for lunch.


Camp can be a big experience for our campers, so we like to have “settling in” assemblies in the morning, and “settling out” assemblies in the afternoon. Fierce Flix needs energetic volunteers to help lead these assemblies. Activities may include dancing, ice-breaker activities, screaming out nerves and insecurities, and doing relaxing stretches. We ask that assembly leaders commit to as many mornings (8:00-9:30) and afternoons (2:30-4:00) as possible.

***We also are in need of before/after care folks! If you are interested in hanging out with campers during before/after care – making crafts, playing games, watching music videos – please let us know! We offer flexible drop off/pick up times for guardians to help working caregivers get their youth to camp. Before/After care volunteers allow our full time volunteers to have meetings and check-ins, and help us make camp the best possible experience for everyone!

Non-Direct At-Camp Roles

These volunteer positions are open to people of all genders.

Donation of Services/Skills/Labor

Fierce Flix loves fostering engagement among all members of this incredible community! Do you have a particular skill or service to donate, including bookkeeping, grant writing, graphic design, equipment repair/hauling/transportation, flyering, marketing, food coordinating, etc.? Do you have equipment you would like to donate or loan to us for the week of camp? We welcome donations of all kinds!

Behind the Scenes at Camp

Behind the scenes camp helpers would assist in various activities, including workshop set up, gear repair and distribution, clean-up, and other supporting the needs of camp operations. Volunteers in behind the scenes positions will not have one-on-one camper contact, but are still a huge help around camp!

Check in/out Desk Person

Fierce Flix needs volunteers to (wo)man the front desk throughout camp! In the mornings, this position keeps track of who has arrived and handing out name tags. Likewise, in the afternoon, front desk helpers will keep tabs on who is being picked up and ensure that all campers are leaving with their authorized adults. Throughout the day, we will need desk people to assist with volunteer check-in. This position will also help direct people to the right volunteers/directors for assistance. Front desk helpers are needed for at least one 4-hour shift during camp week, either 8:30-12:30 or 12:30-4:30.

Camp Preparation/Planning

These roles are open to all, and are not isolated in their responsibilities. Indented descriptions are subsections of the above.

-Plans events leading up to camp
-Makes requests to local businesses and people for donations
-Plans recruitment events
-Secures loans/donations for equipment
-Keeps updated records of our funds
-Makes deposits to the bank
-Creates and maintains budget

-Updates & maintains application form & database of campers
-Communicates with parents via email/phone
-Distributes flyers @ schools, PTOs, etc. (i.e. the Street Team)
-Plans events for recruitment
-Focuses efforts on increasing camp diversity

-Update & maintain application form & database
-Conduct/collect background checks on all volunteers
-Organize volunteer trainings
-Organize recruitment events and meet & greets
-Focuses efforts on increasing camp diversity

-Create flyers and marketing material (gifs, commercials, etc.)
-Maintain & update website & social media
-Create & distribute press releases
-Create community partnerships
-Updates & maintains an archive of camp activities & events
-Keeps records/contact lists for former campers & volunteers

-Plans/schedules camp
-Secures location/dates for camp
-Schedules workshops & film instruction during camp // reaches out to workshop instructors
-Organizes/assesses needs for volunteers
-Assesses gear/equipment needs (i.e.the Gear Crew)
-Assess needs & acquire supplies for camp (crafts, workshop supplies, etc.)
-Plan/schedule screening at the end of camp
-Plans lunch and snack schedule for camp week for volunteers & campers
-Secures food donations from local businesses
-Organizes and coordinates pickup & volunteers
-Assesses/addresses camper nutritional needs

-Focuses efforts on increasing camper & volunteer diversity
-Ensures equitable access before & during camp
-Assesses needs, and works with other teams to make sure we meet those needs
-During camp: Posi Patrol group assists with camper/volunteer conflict resolution
-Holds everyone accountable and allows for autonomy and horizontality in the organization

Meet the 2019 Volunteers:

Fierce Flix is a volunteer run, non-profit camp. Our volunteers are filmmakers and educators who are passionate about sharing their skills with the next generation of filmmakers.


2018 Fierce Flix Volunteers

Andie Lou
OK Keyes

Guest Presenters:
Andie Lou


2017 Fierce Flix Volunteers

Charlotte Taylor

Brit Davis 

Lindsey Jones

Priya Ray

Marshall Hammer

May Yolopova

Alle Coletti

Carlie Love

Lisa Smith

Theresa Garcia

Holly Heveron-Smith

2016 Fierce Flix Board

Charlotte Taylor is a process. She is an experimental animator, the Executive Director of Mechanical Eye Microcinema, and the program coordinator/faculty of Film and Video Production at Blue Ridge Community College. She received her MFA from the University of Iowa and her BA from the University of Florida. Her research ranges from digital animation and handmade film to optical toys, and she is particularly interested in alternative forms of production and presentation. She enjoys organizing and teaching community filmmaking workshops for kids and at risk youth. In other moments in her history, she was co-founder of Iowa City Experimental Film Festival, a director of the Iowa City Microcinema, a member of IC Docs, a 7th Grade Languate Arts Teacher, a Middle School Basketball Coach, and a singer/songwriter. Yay for film!!!

Constance Humphries is an artist, educator and the instigator of Ren Butoh, a collaborative, project-based dance company.  Ms. Humphries received a BFA from the University of North Carolina, Asheville NC, USA in 1994. In 1997, she gained an MS in Information Science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA. From 1987 until 1995, Humphries was a member of the modern dance company, Wall St. DanceWorks. In 2005, she began studying and practicing butoh dance. Since 2010, Humphries has created butoh-based live art and videos. Constance has presented her performances, videos and workshops internationally, including Mexico, the US, and the UK. Her most recent projects include Black Mountain College Museum’s {Re}HAPPENING Festival, Asheville, NC, USA (2013), the Just Gather Film Festival, Edinburgh, UK (2015) andHelp! at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle, UK (2015). She was awarded a residency at Experimental Studios, Newcastle, UK (2014-15), served as curator for performance at Breeze Creatives, Newcastle, UK (2015). In 2016, Constance is performing at the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival and at Black Mountain College Museum’s Interlude festival. She is also premiering new works at Abject Gallery, Newcastle, UK and at the Asheville Butoh Festival, Asheville, NC, USA. A passionate teacher and an advocate for community college education, Humphries has taught programming, design and digital media at Asheville Buncombe Technical Community College since 2002. She is also on the board of the Media Arts Project.

Patricia Furnish is a documentary filmmaker from North Carolina. She earned a Ph.D. in Native American history and recently earned a M.A. in Spanish language, culture and literature at UNC Charlotte and an MFA in Documentary Film from Wake Forest University. She hosts the Asheville News Hour for WPVM 103.7 fm.

James Theophilos is an educator, multi[digita]-media artist, and activist currently residing in Asheville, North Carolina. They received their Bachelors with honors at Mount Holyoke College, studying film studies and gender studies. James then went on to receive their Masters of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in film,video,new media and animation.  Versed in videography, post production, web design, writing, and social justice leadership, Jamie does regular freelance work in all of these arenas.   They are currently a collective member at Firestorm Cafe and Books Collective, a rape crisis advocate with Our Voice, and one of the co-coordinators for Fierce Flix. James is  dedicated to artistic and teaching practices that embrace anti-oppressive non-hierarchical pedagogies and with hopes to continuously participate in communities where individuals can empower themselves through video, design, scholarly pursuits, and grass roots organizing.   In addition, James has interests in mental health advocacy, conflict resolution, holistic alternative health, music production, biking, rock climbing and hiking.

If you’d like to be involved with the planning and operations of the camp as a board member, please email us!

2016 Visiting Camp Counselors

Kelly Gallagher – Film Faculty at Antioch College

Christina Humphrey – Senior Short Films Programmer at Atlanta Film Festival

Lisa Danker – Film Faculty at the University of Central Florida

Atlanta Film Festival staff: Alyssa Armand, Kristy Breneman, Alex James, Lucy Doughty

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