Steal These Films – part of Copy/Right: A Symposium on Appropriated Art









We’re pleased to collaborate with the Media Arts Project and and Window¬†(re/production|re/presentation)¬†on a symposium about appropriated art.


Introduction and Q & A by Mark Hosler of Negativland

This screening will consist of shorts that appropriate images and sound into videos with new meanings and messages that subvert mainstream media culture. Including found footage, corporate monolith cartoon characters, vidding, clips of documentaries about copyright and remix culture, and a pinch of North Korean propaganda parody.

One night is not enough time to throughly represent the history of appropriation in film, however, we will give you a taste of the process and legal challenges over recent decades. We hope, after viewing, you will feel compelled to steal some footage and make your own re-mix masterpiece.

Saturday, August 17th 3pm-8pm

at Apothecary
39B South Market Street, Asheville, NC 28801


Uso Justo (2005, 20 min.)
Dir. Coleman Miller

Gimme the Mermaid (2005, 5 min.)
Dir. Tim Maloney and Negativland

Sonic Outlaws Clip (1995, 5 min.)
Dir. Craig Baldwin

Copyright Criminals Clip (2009, 5 min.)
Dir. Kembrew McLeod

Rip: A Remix Manifesto Clip (2009, 5 min.)
Dir. Brett Gaylor

Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver (2011, 5 min.)
Dir. Bryan Boyce

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring of Free Trade (2002, 6 min.)
Dir. the St01en Collective

Great Man and Cinema (2009, 4 min.)
Dir. Jim Finn

Detachable Penis (1997, 3 min.)
Dir. Media Cannibals

Buffy Vs. Edward: Twilight Remixed (2009, 6 min.)
Dir. Jonathan McIntosh

The Animated Heavy Metal Parking Lot (2008, 2 min.)
Dir. Leslie Supnet

Wouldn’t It Be Nice (2001, 3 min.)
Dir. Laura Shapiro

Favorite Things (2007, 2 min.)

Details about the entire event below or at this website.