Fierce Flix Local Films

Fierce Flix Local Films Screening
Saturday, May 28th at 6:30PM
610 Haywood Rd, West Asheville

A screening to support Fierce Flix featuring films by local women and queer filmmakers. Work by Anne Slatton, Patricia Furnish, James Theophilos, Constance Humphries, Charlotte Taylor, Jessica McPhatter, Kari Barrows, and more!

Who is your favorite female film director? How many women in film can you name? If you’re having trouble with these questions, you’re not alone. We talk a lot about the representation of women on screen – the Bechdel Test and discussions surrounding women on screen (only 30.8% of speaking characters in the top 250 movies of 2012 were women) are spreading beyond academia and into mainstream movie reviews. We talk about princesses and the role models (and gender roles) we set up for little girls. But the gender gap lives behind the camera, too. And a group of filmmakers in town have set out to address this, at Fierce Flix.

Fierce Flix is a summer day camp for girls and gender minorities ages 8-16 taking place June 27-July 1. Over the course of a week, campers will work in teams to write, direct, shoot, and edit music videos for the Girls Rock Asheville bands! The music videos will premiere at Grail Moviehouse during a public screening at the end of camp.

To learn more about the camp, or to support awesome women filmmakers here in Asheville, come say hi this Saturday at our screening!

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SFVHS: California Artists’ Video 1988-1999

SFVHS: California Artists’ Video 1988-1999
Thursday, May 26th at 7PM
The Refinery
207 Coxe Avenue, Downtown Asheville
$5 cover // no one turned away

SFVHS: California artists’ video 1988-1999

Roving artist and makeshift film scholar, Bill Daniel, has dug deep into his milk crate media archive and retrieved a program of videos from the late analog era in San Francisco. During this time Daniel was a member of the Mission District collective Artists’ Television Access, where these works screened.

The 80 minute program spans a range of forms from agit prop, pranks, activist documentation, video art, anti-capitalist intervention, and plain old fun.

The tapes are no-budget, raw and playful— most of them produced on simple linear tape-to-tape analog editing systems. Looking back at this era it’s hard not to feel nostalgic for a kind of golden moment as anti-Gulf War protestors take over the Bay Bridge, beer-guzzling soapbox-racing bike messengers take over Bernal Heights for word-of-mouth stagings of The San Francisco Illegal Soapbox Society, and artists modify billboards, participate in anti-logging protests, and retrieve lost pieces of San Francisco’s counter cultural history.

All work presented on the original VHS tapes!

Bill will be here in person to share and discuss these videos!

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