Hello Film Family!

Great News! We have finally found a permanent home at the the Refinery Creative Center, a wonderful artist’s collective right in downtown Asheville.

This will allow us to show films, to teach film and video, to become a lending place for gear…and to furnish the community with a film center… All in our new home!

We want to offer those folks interested in experimental film a place to go… we aim to be a hub at the center of the Asheville film world wheel… a place from which we can disseminate information, ideas and creativity to the entire community, regardless of age or financial ability.

Our goal is to make our film community (those who make it and those who love it) an integral part of the ever growing Asheville Art Scene.

Kitty Love, Director of the Asheville Area Arts Council, has said of us:

Mechanical Eye Microcinema represents a unique arts exposure opportunity for Buncombe County, as a curator and presenter of original film. As an important expressive discipline, film must be supported by any community interested in understanding and improving itself. We are lucky to have this group, which is willing to focus its efforts in this way.”

Hollywood filmmaker David Sosna has said:

Microcinema is where great ideas are born. Ideas that you see today may be on the big screen tomorrow. What an exciting concept… How do I get to Asheville in time for a Thursday Night Screening?”

We are on our way….and of course that is why I am writing to you. We need your help. We need you to join us, partner with us….take our workshops, attend our film screenings, use our gear when you need it….become a member….but first:

PLEASE…help us raise the funds to make this wonderful dream a reality. Join our Kickstarter effort… and be a part of something right from the ground up…. give what you can (and get a little swag while you’re at it). We need everyone’s help. We need to share the responsibility of building Asheville’s only community accessible film center.

Our plans are grand. Our mission inspiring.

We intend to make more film/give and receive more information/make more ideas and interactions possible every month… but we need YOU to join us!

Help us now, so we never have to ask again… Just become a part of the effort so that we all become part of one great community… You will be so glad you did….

We Thank You!

Mechanical Eye Microcinema



Free Radicals

Free Radicals
by Pip Chodorov
Friday, April 1, 5:30PM
Asheville Art Museum, 2 S Pack Sq, Asheville

(2012, 1h 20m, documentary)

This documentary provides a vivid and eye-opening introduction to one of the most important yet marginalized realms of filmmaking: avant-garde cinema. Achieving the near-impossible task of doing justice in a mere 82 minutes to this rich, varied, and expansive domain,Free Radicals includes rare interviews with some of the most important filmmakers in the avant-garde tradition and several films in their entirety.

We will skype in for a Q&A with Pip (all the way for Paris!) following the screening!

Pip studied cognitive science at the University of Rochester, NY and film semiotics at the University of Paris, France and has been making films and music since the early 70s. He founded Re:Voir Video, Paris, and The Film Gallery, an art gallery devoted exclusively to experimental film – the first of its kind. He is also co-founded L’Abominable, a diy coop film lab in Paris, and is the moderator of Frameworks, an experimental film list-serv.

We’re so excited about the opportunity to show this work and skype with the director!

See you there?

Check out this article about Free Radicals from The New York Times:
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