Compress Fest: Media Shorts on the Big Screen


Thursday, November 14th @ 7pm
Fine Arts Theatre
36 Biltmore Ave., Asheville, NC
Admission: $10 (This is a fundraiser for the Media Arts Project celebrating 10 years of community programming!)

We’re excited to co-sponsor Compress Fest featuring media shorts (5 minutes or less) created by over 20 regional media-makers. A broad selection of genres showcases the creative diversity of the region, including movie trailers, glitch, avant-garde, claymation, documentary, music videos, cell phone videos, artist profiles, mash-ups, a little horror, and a good dose of humor.

Participants include: 

Edward Bakinowski
Louise Barry
Jaime Byrd
Courtney Chappell
Curt Cloninger
Lee Coleman
Katie Damien
Cecil Decker
Jeffrey Decristofaro
Andrea Desky
Greg Herman
Charlotte Taylor
Lynne Harty
Jason Holland
Laura Jensen
Daniel Lowe
Nava Lubelski
Danielle Mcclennan
Sam Nicols
Rusty Sheridan
Jason Shope
Charlotte Taylor
Josha Yates

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