Our Nixon

Tuesday, November 18 at 8pm
BeBe Theatre, 20 Commerce St., Asheville
$5 suggested donation (no one turned away)


Our Nixon (2013, 84 min.)
Dir. Penny Lane

OUR NIXON is an all-archival documentary consisting of Super 8 home movies filmed by three of Nixon’s top White House aides who obsessively documented their experiences from 1969 -1973. Young, idealistic and dedicated, they had no idea that a few years later they’d all be in prison.

This unique and personal visual record was seized by the FBI during the Watergate investigation, then filed away at the National Archives, and forgotten for almost 40 years. OUR NIXON presents these home movies for the first time, along with other rare footage, creating an intimate and complex portrait of the Nixon presidency as never seen before.

The footage consists of over 500 reels of home movies capturing big events such as the Apollo moon landing, historic anti-war protests, and Nixon’s world-changing trip to China. They also filmed each other and everyday life.

They filmed to have something to show their grandchildren. They filmed because they thought that Nixon’s presidency would change the world forever. The tragedy is that they were right.


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