Expanded Cinema Night

Bloodlust of the American Dream
Expanded Cinema Performances by
Thurday, March 17th 7PM
Asheville Art Incubator, 207 Coxe Ave, Asheville
$5 Tickets

but no one turned away!

Join us for a night of EXPANDED CINEMA performances at Mechanical Eye Microcinema! What is expanded cinema, you ask? If we think about traditional cinema as only the screen – the projector, the camera, the (wo)man behind the curtain rendered invisible – then expanded cinema is removing the curtain. These pieces transform, edit, or perform cinema as you watch it. It is so much fun!

Photo by Alison Brockhouse

The Performances:
(2015, live cinema performance)

Blood Lust of the Wolf is a new live cinema performance that remixes the classic film Nanook of the North (dir. Robert Flaherty, 1922) into a fugue state about race, ethnicity and exploitation.

The show dissects the core of what makes Nanook disturbing yet compelling nearly a century later—the film’s approach to ethnography.

By examining the landscape and people that were once fragmented during Flaherty’s filmmaking process, and reassembling them into new personas and places, Blood Lust of the Wolf invites the audience to reconsider their own positions and complicities in global systems of race and exploitation.

RELIEVING THE AMERICAN DREAM – by Charlotte Taylor & Robert Edmondson
(2014, 16mm multiprojector film & sound performance)

An expanded cinema, multi-projector film performance shot on a cross country road trip. 16mm and super8 film loops are layered with sounds of the spaces on the road, to inspect, re-evaluate, and relieve the “American Dream.”

Check out this interview about Relieving the American Dream from Indie Grits Festival: http://www.indiegrits.com/relieving-the-american-dream-an-interview-with-charlotte-and-robert/
Check out Simon’s website: http://quarknova.com/blood/
Join our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/583956928452346/


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