and Mechanical Eye Microcinema Birthday Bash!
Thursday, September 29th / 5-8pm
The Refinery
207 Coxe Ave, Asheville



It’s our party and we’ll animate if we want to…

Thursday, September 29th is marks the 4th year of our FILMTASTICNESS! Apparently, our new home is also having a big celebration… you know, in honor of us (just kidding – it’s the official GRAND OPENING of The Refinery – they really wanted to share birthdays with us)!

Here’s what’s going down at this shin-dig:

• Animation & Film Bee at MECHANICAL EYE MICROCINEMA!!
• Lara Nguyen’s new mural, Bower Power, on the façade
• Live music presented by the BeaTeam
• Asheville Urban Landscape Painters painting in plein air both inside and outside the building
• Live poetry readings by veterans
• A performance by The Djembeso LEAF Schools & Streets group
• Open studios of The Refinery resident artists and organizations
• The AAAC’s current exhibit “Best of WNC Emerging Craft Artist Showcase,” a partnership with WNC’s American Craft Week and the Mountain Xpress

The event is free and open to the public. Light fare will be offered and alcoholic drinks will be available to purchase with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Asheville Area Arts Council.

We hope you’re able to attend and welcome us and the arts in our new south slope home. Come make movies with us!

About The Refinery Creator Space:
The Refinery Creator Space is a place for artists and non-profits to collaborate, cooperate, and grow. Along with housing the AAAC’s operations, the 15,000 square foot facility is home to ten individual artist entrepreneurs and five community organizations; Asheville Darkroom, Asheville Makers, Local Cloth, Mechanical Eye Microcinema, Nick Moen’s The Bright Angle Ceramics Studio. Their presence in The Refinery will help us foster collaboration, innovation, and provide resources and tools for the greater Asheville community. The public is invited to get acquainted with this new resource and find out more about The Refinery, the host organizations and artists it houses, and to become a part of this collaborative community of creators.


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