Mechanical Eye at the Asheville Art Museum

No Cameras, Lots of Projectors


Filmmakers Roger Beebe, Robert Edmondson, and Nick Mendez in person!

Friday, June 7th: 6pm-7pm
at the Asheville Art Museum
$5 Art Museum Members/ $6 Non-members plus admission to museum
Filmmaker Roger Beebe will present his multi-projector performance “Films for 1 to 8 Projectors.” Beebe will be running as many as 8 projectors simultaneously, projecting short films made and projected in a variety of formats (video, 16mm, and Super-8). The films combine found footage and Beebe’s own striking handmade images. This work can only be screened with the filmmaker actually running the projectors, and running from projector to projector.  Florida filmmakers Robert Edmondson and Nick Mendez will also be projecting cameraless films, both projecting originals — which means no other copy of this work exists!


Cameraless Film Screenings

Saturday, June 8th: 12pm-1pm and 2pm-3pm
Sunday, June 9th: 1pm-2pm and 3pm-4pm
$5 Art Museum Members/ $6 Non-members plus admission to museum

Cameraless films and videos by Jodie Mack, Ben Popp, Scott Fitzpatrick, Kelly Gallagher, Joshua Solondz, Devon Damonte, Gregg Biermann, Matt Gossett, Lauren Cook, and others! With a special showing of Madame Winger Makes a Film!


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