The Heroines of Handcrafted Cinema

The Heroines of Handcrafted Cinema
July 6, 2013 at 8pm
The BeBe Theater
20 Commerce Street, Asheville, NC
$5 Suggested Donation (No one turned away)

Mechanical Eye will present “The Heroines of Handcrafted Cinema” at the BeBe Theater, as part of this year’s Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts (ILSSA) conference taking place July 5-7th. For this program, we’re teaming up with filmmaker Kelly Gallagher, the curating genius of Philadelphia, to present films by women who labor for their art impractically.

Film line-up:
Altitude Zero – Lauren Cook
Removed – Naomi Uman
Peeks – Jo Dery
The Body Besieged – Kelly Sears
Yard Work is Hard Work – Jodie Mack
Nothing’s Wrong – Charlotte Taylor
Ceallaigh at Kilmainham – Kelly Gallagher
L’eye – Xander Marro
Quick and Easy – Lauren Gregory
Night Hunter – Stacey Steers
Arbor – Janie Geiser
Myth Labs – Martha colburn
Like a Lantern – Lille Carré

The heroines of “handcrafted” cinema animate moving images that are literally and tangibly created by their own hands — images that are crafted, painted, torn up, spit up, chewed out, glittered up, collaged, drawn, painted, puppeteered, sewn, hand-processed, bleached, scratched, made with love, made with hate, and made with everything in between.

This cinematic exploration is political on two explicit levels: the politics of “handcrafting” a film and the political topics that each piece explores. These exuberant heroines create cinema that is richly political, often times militant, sometimes comedic, other times serious, yet *always* colorful and as strong and varied as their different tools and weapons of *craft!!!*

Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts is a membership organization for those who make experimental or conceptual work with obsolete technology.

The goals of ILSSA include: (1) the establishment of a Union to foster community, solidarity, and peer review; and (2) the formation of a Research Institute to support new ideas, communications, and resources.

Impractical Labor is a protest against contemporary industrial practices and values. Instead it favors independent workshop production by antiquated means and in relatively limited quantities. Economy of scale goes out the window, as does the myth that time must equal money. Impractical Labor seeks to restore the relationship between a maker and her tools; a maker and her time; a maker and what she makes. The process is the end, not the product. Impractical Labor is idealized labor: the labor of love.

For more information on ILSSA or the ILSSA conference, visit:


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